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 The olden days

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Abe F. March
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PostSubject: The olden days   Mon Jan 11, 2016 7:04 am

Thinking about the past was sparked by events of the present.  There are so-called medical facilities springing up promoting cures with natural products.  Those operating these facilities are not doctors and there are reports that some patients have died or almost died when they stopped taking their prescriptions and relying on the advice of these charlatans posing as “medicine men”.   When people stop taking medications that their body needs and/or has became accustomed to, there is shock to the body.  Even with modern medicine, an increase of decrease in medication is done in stages.  Stopping “cold-turkey” does not allow the body time to adjust and can have adverse reactions.
TV Westerns often showed the “Medicine Man” rolling into town with his wagon selling cure-all products.  It is said that the contents of the elixirs offered were comprised primarily of alcohol.
We hear that Cannabis is a plant that can cure cancer and other maladies and there is evidence to support this claim. Perhaps this revelation opened the door to the proliferation of hucksters promoting natural miracle cures. 
During the Post-war years, door-to-door salesmen were common in the US.  Traveling into the city to get supplies was infrequent and many did not have the means of transportation.  Women relied on suppliers like the Fuller Brush Man who carried an assortment of products for the home.  Sewing supplies like thread, zippers and buttons were purchased from these door-to-door suppliers.  Trust was a given. If one could not pay at the time of delivery, a note was made in a little book the salesman carried and the customer paid on the next visit or when they could.  There were no interest charges.
In Germany, I’m told that similar things happened.  After the war, a new government was formed and old men made the rules.  Women were not allowed to work outside the home unless they had permission from their husbands.  During the war women did most of the work in the factories and suddenly they were no longer wanted.  Many women revolted and found other ways to earn an income.  The war widows found it necessary to work.  Some went door-to-door providing others with products difficult to find in stores.  Many became successful with their door-to-door enterprise and were able to open stores in local villages.  The early post-war merchants were owned and operated by women.  Children also worked and contributed to the family coffers and numerous family enterprises evolved.
“With every adversity there is a benefit” rings true.  Survival is a strong motivator and innovation/inventions become necessary that often lead to success.  There is a history of immigrants to America where families working together created business enterprises. 
The early days in America found neighbor helping neighbor for survival.  The “common good” was a reality.  Everyone for him/her as it exists with many today may be the cause of the greed we witness in our capitalistic society.  Democratic socialism benefits all citizens.  It is the theme of Candidate Sanders and is why I support him.  Whether he can pull it off remains to be seen, but his intentions are good.  Seeking a balance is needed for the survival of many.  Those included among the “many” are seniors, the sick and the unemployed.
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PostSubject: Re: The olden days   Mon Jan 11, 2016 12:29 pm

Liberalism is dead, Abe. It just doesn't work.


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The olden days
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