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 MERS Virus

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Abe F. March
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Abe F. March

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MERS Virus Empty
PostSubject: MERS Virus   MERS Virus EmptyTue Jun 09, 2015 12:14 am

Much is being reported in the news about the latest virus MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrom coronavirus) and the number of reported deaths.  What I find lacking is the nature of the virus.  What are the symptoms and how is it transmitted?   I did a search on the I-Net and it appears that it is transmitted via respiratory means – coughing, sneezing, etc. It is believed to originate from camels.  The media is lacking in its reporting on how to protect oneself and how to identify the symptom.  It appears that the major focus is with people who have traveled to infected areas.  We recently experienced the EBOLA virus and the scramble to prevent the spread of the disease and work for a cure.  Shouldn’t  Media focus be on prevention rather than on the statistics of deaths?
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MERS Virus
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