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 Remembering Auschwitz

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Abe F. March
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Remembering Auschwitz Empty
PostSubject: Remembering Auschwitz   Remembering Auschwitz EmptyTue Jan 27, 2015 1:26 am

Seventy-year remembrance: Freeing of Jewish prisoners from the death camp at Auschwitz.  The Polish Prime Minister said yesterday that it was not the Russians that freed them, but the Ukrainians.  That has caused a row with Russia. 
The stories about the Holocaust with authentic pictures and interviews of the survivors tell a horrible story.   It is difficult to imagine what happened and what suffering took place.  The survivors tell a horrible story. 
While this is being remembered, the ongoing atrocities in Palestine get little attention.  It was reported yesterday on the news that Israel discharged 43 soldiers who were critical of the government and the army concerning their actions in Palestine.  Being dishonorably discharged for speaking out is a small price to pay and these soldiers should be honored for their courage. 
The German people I talk with who were alive during this period or knew people in the military during the Nazi era  shake their heads that anyone could do this to another human being.  The questions posed by many:  What could we have done to stop it even if we had known what was happening?  The Jews continue to say: “They (the German populace) knew”.
It is a blanket statement and an erroneous one.  What did they know?  They knew only what the government propaganda machine told them.  In situations where Jews were being rounded up and being transported, they were told that they were being taken away for their protection.  That is also what the Jews who were sent to the death camps were told. 
Today, with the media reporting events, there is no excuse of “not knowing”about atrocities being committed by the Israeli government against the Palestinians.  How many more must die before it is declared a Holocaust?  Is it a numbers game?  The problem is:  What can be done about it?  The only thing the populace can do is speak out and apply pressure on governments to do something.  The soldiers who were discharged did speak out.  In their case, they weren’t killed for taking action against their government, but discharged.  We don’t know what the ramifications will be for the rest of their lives. 
When the objective of a country is to exterminate a population, the methods used vary.  Modern technology and machines dictate the methods.   About the only thing the Israelis haven’t used (yet) are gas chambers.  In addition to destroying homes and outright killing, is the starvation of the populace.  Cutting off water supplies,  preventing food from entering Gaza.  The destruction of land used for farming.   Destroying olive trees and not permitting Palestinians to work in the fields.  Preventing fishermen from fishing.  This is happening now.  What is being done to stop it?  What can be done to stop it?  Whatever can be done must be done.  With knowledge of these current events, we cannot turn a blind eye and say it is not our concern.  When I hear Jews say: “Never again.”  Do they mean simply that it should never happen again to them or to anyone?  There are some survivors of Auschwitz who are speaking out against Israel’s actions and when they speak, it has an impact, however there are too few voices. 
When covering the remembrance events now in progress, I hope that the media will bring this matter to the attention of the public as well as asking the survivors their opinion about the current events. 
Politicians are reluctant to say anything against Israel since it is a politically sensitive issue and considered political suicide by many.  The Israeli lobby is strong.  They also provide financial assistance for the campaigns of the politicians who speak favorably on their behalf..  Those who get elected with Israeli support are those who will be expected to provide more aid to Israel.  Loans are forgiven.  It is difficult to comprehend how America can be so controlled by a radical and militant country.  When we talk about other countries abusing human rights or engaged in militant actions, we take action.  We coordinated other countries in applying sanctions against Russia for their incursion of the Ukraine.  What sanctions have been placed against Israel?  None.  Why?
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Remembering Auschwitz
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